Devcon VI: EUCI Explores the Regulatory Landscape for Ethereum and DApps

Our executive director Marina Markezic, President Simon Polrot and Vice President Florian Glatz will be speakers at Devcon VI in Bogota, addressing the influence of crypto regulation on open blockchains: opportunities and challenges.

With the wider adoption, the use of open blockchains and dapps built on top of it is becoming progressively regulated by governments all over the world (especially in the EU and the U.S.). Understanding and adjusting to these regulations is becoming a reality for many projects in the ecosystem, especially the ones facing the users and the community. What will be the impact of regulation on the Ethereum ecosystem and how it might change the existing use cases, designs and utilities?

In the latest years, we have seen increased activities from the regulators regulating blockchain applications, and crypto assets specifically. It started in the EU, with the Market sin Crypto Assets Regulation, being the first overarching crypto regulation in the world, followed by the Lummis-Gillibrand proposal to create a regulatory framework for digital assets in the U.S. Regulation has always followed innovation and can hardly be up to date with the fast chaining crypto reality. Furthermore, given the historic reasons, regulation has been designed to address centralised entities. With the introduction of blockchain, regulators have been faced with an uprecenedeted form of organisations, DAOs. Given the suboptimal legislative governance process in most of the existing states and the lack of understanding of the core permissionless components, there is a real danger some of the decentralised use cases might be regulated in a way that would significantly harm their (regulated) existence. What does this mean for the Ethereum ecosystem and its dapps? How can we better influence the upcoming laws and how to best adjust them following the decentralisation ethos.

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