In our respective countries, we have gathered the industry players to make sure that at the national level, the voices of the crypto companies are being heard. We bring years of experience in the blockchain space and are uniquely positioned to understand the complex technical component and the challenges it brings to the centrally designed regulation framework.


Co-founder & President

Simon Polrot has co-founded and led the French crypto-assets association ADAN as President for its first two years. Lawyer, entrepreneur (VariabL, LGO), nonprofits contributor (Ethereum France, Chaintech, etc.). He has 5 years of expertise in crypto and founded the Ethereum France website in Feb 2016. With ADAN, he has been making the crypto-assets industry a reality in France & Europe.


Co-founder & Executive Director

Since 2017 Marina has been working with crypto projects on governance and legal matters with a focus on decentralisation, DeFi, and NFTs. Marina is an expert on key crypto regulatory topics and follows the recent regulatory developments and their influence on the industry. As a speaker at numerous blockchain and regulatory events, Marina is passionate about contributing to the dialogue for innovation-friendly regulation. Marina has been a leading adviser in a blockchain accelerator and has advised blockchain projects since 2017. She contributes to initiatives like the Token Engineering Community, COALA and Dgov.


Co-founder & Vice President

Florian Glatz has co-founded and led the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) as President for its first four years. He advises political decision-makers at the German and European levels on blockchain regulation. Trained as a lawyer and software developer with many years of experience working full-time in the blockchain space, Florian is aware of the key issues at the intersection of crypto assets and regulation. As a builder himself, he founded Common Ground, a user-owned web3 social platform for communities and web3 ecosystems.


Senior Policy Expert

Vyara Savova is a web3 and human rights lawyer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is a SOAS, University of London Alumna (LLM in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice), and a PhD candidate focusing on legal automation through the use of smart contracts. Before joining EUCI, Vyara was the Head of Business Development for an NLP-based AI language transcription project and a legal expert and consultant for various technological and crypto projects.


Senior Policy Expert

Anja is a lawyer by background, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is the president of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia and a co-founder of Devleet, a software development firm based in Ljubljana. Anja has previously headed the Advocacy department at the European and Asian Blockchain Hubs and was the Chief Strategy Officer at the Future Law Institute in Bath, UK. She consulted several Web3 companies and was on the organising committee of the DGov Council and ETH Barcelona.


Communication Coordinator

Nicoletta is a Communications & Social Media manager with a blend of expertise in technology, environmental issues, and blockchain advocacy. With years of experience spanning across different sectors, she uses content and strategic communication to create awareness and understanding of decentralised applications leveraging blockchain technology and advocate for a progressive EU technological environment.

Who we are?

EUCI is an advocacy organisation based in Brussels, Belgium, that aims to shape EU regulation to favour open, permissionless, decentralised applications leveraging blockchain technology while advocating for an innovative EU environment, supporting technological development for SMEs and innovative crypto-assets service providers (CASPs).

The EUCI has adeptly positioned itself as this indispensable intermediary through a multifaceted approach. By focusing on education, crafting well-researched position papers, conducting thorough research and analysis, and engaging in real-life dialogues, the EUCI has proven itself to be a reliable, resourceful, and trustworthy participant in conversations with EU regulators. This comprehensive strategy ensures that the voice of the Web3 community is not only heard but is also influential in shaping the regulatory landscape. Through its efforts, the EUCI facilitates a constructive and informed dialogue between the burgeoning digital sector and regulatory bodies, ensuring that regulations reflect the nuanced realities of these advanced technologies while protecting the ecosystem’s integrity and fostering innovation.

What We Do?

Organizing Events & Workshops

We create a positive impact through a series of events, workshops, podcasts and other educational or advocacy events we’ve (co) organised throughout the year. Our events include meetings with the industry stakeholders, our members and representatives of national organisations such as blockchain think tanks, crypto associations and policymakers. 

Advocacy & Information Sharing

We also inform and advocate through a number of position papers we publish or send to the regulators as a response to their open public consultations. This work is coupled with regulatory oversight and monitoring. This helps our members and the industry understand how the upcoming or existing regulation will impact their modus operandi.


We are organising a series of regulatory workshops and events in collaboration with universities, including a Summer School where we intend to train and educate legal professionals, compliance officers and students on some of the most important Web3 topics. We also engage with academia and have published our first Call for Papers to encourage legal scholars to contribute their knowledge.

Who Supports Us?