The Coalition of Automated Legal Applications (COALA) is a unique, collaborative, global and multidisciplinary community that brings together individual experts in the decentralized ecosystem to explore the implications and deployment of blockchain technologies at the nexus of our evolving social and economic order in the 21st century. 

COALA brings together diverse stakeholders – from domain experts to drivers at global institutions -in working groups and projects. Our working groups are uniquely composed of leading academics, lawyers, economists, protocol architects, technologists, and entrepreneurs. Experts in the COALA community cross-pollinate and collaboratively work on the deployment of blockchain-based legal and technical frameworks, standards and applications alongside governance policies that enable innovation and evolution of systems and networks for the social good.

COALA represents a coalition of the leading academic research institutions from around the world. The goal is to provide neutral, fact-based blockchain research to support sound policy development. COALA’s work is overseen by members of its Scientific Committee.

COALA represents the ‘Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies’ at the Internet Governance Forum and is responsible for coordinating multi-stakeholder dialogue and recommendations to the United Nations. COALA also has two W3c arms, including the W3C’s Working Group on Cryptoequity (blockchain-based web protocols) and Community Group for COALA-IP (open web protocol for sharing metadata for IP). COALA launched the IRTF Blockchain Research Group, responsible for coordinating blockchain-based Internet protocols. COALA is also part of several government initiatives in the U.S. and European Union, and regularly advises policymakers on the state of play in the blockchain research ecosystem.

As members of the UN’s IGF, the W3C, the IRTF, and representative of a coalition of leading academic research universities around the world, COALA’s collaborative, community-driven work drives blockchain policy, technical development, and next-generation applications at global scale.