EUCI is proud to present the first edition of its Future Web3 Experts Summer School of Law, which will take place in Brussels from July 3rd to July 5th, 2024. It is free of charge for all current law students and early-career legal professionals

The European Crypto Initiative (EUCI) is a Brussels-based advocacy organisation that aims to shape EU regulation to favour open, permissionless, decentralised applications leveraging blockchain technology. EUCI advocates for an innovative EU environment that supports technological development for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and innovative crypto-asset service providers (CASPs). Central to EUCI’s work is its team of seasoned legal professionals with extensive experience in member state-level policymaking and Web3 projects. This rich background equips EUCI to advocate effectively for a regulatory landscape that fosters innovation, security, and the overarching growth of Europe’s digital economy, setting the stage for the EU to become a global blockchain and Web3 innovation hub.

Blockchain technology, the backbone of Web3, represents a paradigm shift in how we understand digital trust and ownership. Unlike traditional centralised systems, blockchain operates on a decentralised network of computers (“nodes”), each contributing to a secure and transparent ledger of transactions. It facilitates the existence of digital assets and tokens, which can represent anything from crypto-assets to tokenised real-world assets. These innovations are not just technical; they’re redefining the very fabric of the internet, moving us towards a more democratic and user-empowered digital world where users have true ownership and control over their digital identities and assets.

The importance of this shift towards Web3 cannot be overstated. As per the World Economic Forum, the evolution into this new phase of the internet is seen as a crucial development, bringing about a significant economic shift. Web3 promises to return control and ownership to the users, ensuring they become the stewards of their own data and digital assets. This shift not only empowers individuals but also lays the groundwork for a more equitable digital ecosystem. PwC further highlights Web3 as a fundamental shift towards a decentralised ecosystem, underscoring its potential to revolutionise business models and enhance relationships. Through the use of blockchain, Web3 introduces new models for ownership, community engagement, and incentives, promising to transform how businesses operate and how people interact online. EUCI’s Future Web3 Experts Summer School of Law strives to provide a comprehensive foundation for understanding this important technology’s legal challenges and opportunities and is designed to equip its participants with insights into the emerging legal frameworks – such as the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) Regulation – shaping the future of finance, technology, and internet itself. 

EUCI’s Future Web3 Experts Summer School of Law is designed for law students and early-career legal professionals who are eager to delve into the dynamic and rapidly evolving intersection of technology, financial services, law, regulation, and blockchain technology. With a mixture of lectures and practically oriented seminars taught by some of the leading practitioners and researchers in the field, this programme provides an exceptional opportunity for those looking to carve out a career in industries where these disciplines converge, such as fintech, digital governance, cybersecurity, and decentralised systems, both within Europe and globally.


The preliminary agenda will be announced soon. 

The EUCI Summer School preliminary agenda is designed to offer insights into the latest developments and debates in blockchain and crypto law and regulatory practices. All confirmed EUCI Summer School participants will receive the final programme before the beginning of the Summer School.  


The EUCI Summer School welcomes a diverse cohort of participants, from those with little prior experience in technology and finance law to those already possessing a foundational understanding. We pride ourselves on bringing together a global community of students and legal professionals, all united by a shared passion for understanding the legal intricacies of blockchain technology, the web3 industry, and their implications for society.

We understand the importance of making advanced education accessible to all, especially in a domain as crucial and future-oriented as blockchain technology and web3. Therefore, the EUCI Summer School 2024 will be offered free of charge for all current law students and early-career legal professionals. 

By offering our courses for free to all selected candidates, we aim to remove financial barriers, enabling a broader range of individuals to gain expertise in this area. This opportunity is not only an investment in the professional development of law students but also a significant contribution to the broader legal and technological communities.

Application is open until the 31st of May 2024.