EUCI’s Updated Website is Live

We’re unbelievably excited to unveil our new website! We’ve designed it to revolutionise the way you see, learn about, and navigate the complex world of crypto regulations and advocacy.

Our platform is rich with features that break down regulatory and technical jargon into easy-to-consume content. So, if you’ve found yourself confused with complex terms, now we’ve got you covered!

We’ve enriched our content to cover two fundamental pillars: education and knowledge sharing, alongside advocacy for our core EUCI initiatives. Below, we detail the structure and approach we’ve adopted for both areas.

Here is how we structured the educational content:

Starting with our EUCI Dictionary, we offer a comprehensive guide that helps you decipher the technical language involved in crypto regulations. It’s a toolkit that’s making an otherwise complex subject simple and accessible. As we develop technologies further, we’ll make sure to continue adding new terms to it and collectively build an invaluable resource for both newcomers and seasoned experts alike.

Putting our interests in blockchain technology and its applications, we’ve also created EUCIPEDIA, a resource our team is particularly proud of. The EUCIPEDIA expands on the EUCI Dictionary and focuses on crucial topics like blockchain definition, crypto-asset explanation, Web3 breakdowns, and much more. It’s a go-to guide for understanding the crypto world in its entirety.

And then there’s the new EUCI Library. Here, we have a comprehensive and curated selection of articles, authored reports, and research that offers key insights into blockchain technology and its applications.

Last but not least, we used the website update to give our upcoming EUCI Summer School of Law the visibility it deserves. Our Future Web3 Experts Summer School of Law will take place in Brussels from July 3rd to July 5th, 2024 and is free of charge for all current law students and early-career legal professionals. Simultaneously, we also opened a call for papers under the overarching theme of “Current and future regulatory outlooks for the Web3 industry”.

Here is how we structured the advocacy content:

Navigating to the Advocacy page will provide you with position papers and regulatory responses on key topics like the EU Regulation on Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA), digital Euro, anti-money laundering legislation, and emerging trends in Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You can also find more information about the workshops, regulatory panel discussions and other types of events we visit, speak at or organise.

And yes, the blockchain world is constantly evolving, filled with groundbreaking events and milestones that shape the industry. Recognising the significance of these developments, we’ve created a dedicated blog section. Here, we capture and commemorate the pivotal technical and regulatory moments that define the blockchain landscape. These posts serve as a historical archive, ensuring that the key events and breakthroughs in blockchain history are remembered and preserved for posterity.

At EUCI, we grasp the importance of quality information. This is why our approach is simple – provide the facts, explain the theory, and guide the industry. We believe in the power of information: accurate, reliable, and timely. And that’s the principle that steers our course.

Our collaboration with policymakers, esteemed academics, and member projects and organisations is only growing stronger. Our mission is clear: developing a robust regulatory framework for Europe and promoting blockchain-based innovation. We are happy that our new website now reflects all this.

Welcome to our new online home!